When Will the Bass Drop? // SNL @thelonelyisland

It was just a matter of time. And as a DJ myself, even I almost fell off my chair (hysterical) with tears streaming down my cheeks while watching this digital short from Saturday Night Live. It’s also no secret that I’m the most obsessed Andy Samberg fan and strongly feel that I am destined to be an SNL cast member, so this video to me is golden! Although, in true SNL style, they do perhaps take it a bit far in the last few seconds so please stop watching if you can’t deal with blood and violence. In the meantime, embrace the bass, I’m off to go buy myself a jenga set and sketch pad.

Brand new @porterrobinson // Sad Machine


Porter Robinson has always been one of those special producers for me, where every new track of his almost leads me to tears. After extensively searching the internet to find out when his debut album ‘Worlds’ is being released, I discovered for sure that it will be out sometime this year (yes I would make a very shitty PI). He has completed the album though, so let’s hope for sooner rather than Christmas. In the meantime, Porter’s Soundcloud has been updated with two new singles, which I have been losing my mind over! The latest of which, Sad Machine, was posted online yesterday and is the first ‘radio single’ attempt from the album. Although Sea of Voices is bloody beautiful, I think a lot of people would cringe at hearing it on air. You can have a listen on his Soundcloud or purchase the tracks on iTunes. If you’re not a fan of his lives sets, neither am I! Yet another reason why his music appeals to me so much, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. Here’s what he had to say about Sad Machine:

I’d used Vocaloid as the vocals for several of the songs on Worlds, and then the idea of a duet between a lonely robot girl and the human boy who encounters her occurred to me. I didn’t have much time before I had to turn in the entire album, so I just sang the male parts. I wanted something that felt distantly sad, a little cute, surreal, hopeful, and maybe somehow evocative of fiction?


Emma Stone lip sync battles Jimmy Fallon // @FallonTonight

Total girl crush on Emma Stone, one that has been growing stronger and stronger ever since I saw her furiously down that gin in Josh Groban’s face in Crazy Stupid Love. She’s my kinda girl, I’m certain we could be best friends (typical girl crush stuff).

E! News showed a brief clip of this lip sync battle video last week, and I’ve just managed to watch the entire thing. So I couldn’t allow YOU to go on with your life without watching it too, here you go. You’re welcome! Andrew Garfield clearly loves a lady with fast lips.

Good Kisser // @Usher

Today is the exclusive global video premiere and release of Usher’s new single Good Kisser. And yes, that does mean that we can expect an eighth studio album from this eight-time Grammy winner towards the end of the year. One can now make sense of the flirtatious one word Instagrams he has been posting over the last few weeks building up to this day May the 5th, the day we get to lust over slick new dance moves in the good old rhythmic Usher fashion. After being named Billboard’s number 1 Hot 100 artists of the 2000’s, I absolutely cannot wait for the full album!

The actual voice guy // Damn son, where’d ya find this?!

Tell me how many times you’ve heard this drop in a mix, song or radio sweep and I’ll buy you a coffee. Now meet the ACTUAL VOICE GUY who recorded it! I think we should all share this video, his contact details are available, and get this voice guy some more work just to say thanks for the endless amount of entertainment and use we’ve gotten out of this awesome drop. Thank you awesome voice guy! As my Good Hope FM colleagues like to say, “Damn son, waar’d jy die gekry?!”

Dr. Who! Official video featuring SneakBo // @Plastikfunkdjs @Tujamo_

The hit track “Who!” was released by Plastik Funk and Tujamo back in January 2012 and has since then been remixed more times than I can remember. My preference during my DJ sets is the David Puentez Bootleg, always a winner! However, a new version of the track has now been released called “Dr. Who” with vocals from the fresh young British rapper SneakBo, sounding mighty good on this track. Plus, a short but sick martial arts type music video which you can check out above. So if you thought you’d heard enough of this one up in da cluuurb, think again!

U ARE BEAUTIFUL // @Ultra Miami Video 2014


UMF posted this video to their YouTube channel yesterday along with the following message “Thank U for a great 16th edition of Ultra Music Festival Miami. This video is for you, and all the rest of the Ultra fans worldwide that attended the event at Bayfront Park Miami or viewed the UMF TV live-stream on YouTube.”

Amazing to see that they’ve included not only the festival goers, but everyone that watched online and somehow took part in the experience. That is the essence of such an event, can’t wait for Ultra SA 2015!